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Lauren’s Potato Salad Recipe

Serves: 4
Prep time: 5 minutes


½-1 tbs Zest Spice Paste (any flavour)
3 – 4 lrg boiled potatoes cut into chunks
½ cup mayonnaise
salt & pepper to taste
optional to add sliced red onion, parsley


Mix Zest Byron Bay Spice Paste with mayonnaise season to taste then coat potatoes liberally and serve.

Created by: Lauren Hollaway, United Kingdom

2 thoughts on “Lauren’s Potato Salad Recipe

  1. Do you have a recipe for a chicken curry using the Nepalese paste?

    1. hi there, thanks for your enquiry. We don’t yet have an actual recipe but try this. Add 1 tsp per person or a jar per kilo to flavour or Marinate your protein and then follow your usual recipe. You can add extra to taste during the cooking process. sounds delicious and yes we need to create more recipes usig chicken. Thanks for the reminder shelley

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