you have questions … we have answers!

How long will my order take?
In Australia, please allow for 10-14 days. We want our customers to receive the freshest flavours so we make small batches and don’t hold stock for very long. Also being in regional NSW we don’t have guaranteed overnight delivery anywhere. If your order is urgent please mark it so in the “Order notes” section and also feel free to email us.
I found a satchel in the back of the pantry; can I still use it?
The best before date is on the bottom of the satchel but that really is just a guide to its optimum flavour. Our flavours do last well past that date so give it a good shake before opening tasting and smelling and go with your instincts.
Is this gluten free?
Yes all of our flavours are made with gluten free ingredients.
Where are your ingredients sourced from?
We locally source many of our fresh ingredients wherever we can. Such as chilli, turmeric, lemongrass, onions, curry leaves and galangal. With the spices its not so easy as many are seasonal and can’t be sourced in Australia. We do purchase all of our spices through Australian Distributors though.
Why don’t you have very hot flavours?
When we first started, most of our research was done at local markets and city food shows. What we found is that generally most families will have someone who likes hot food and someone who does not. Also when it comes to children it can also be tricky. So we believe you can always add chilli but it’s not so easy to take it away. So we concentrate on maintaining quality flavour so you can adapt the heat to your specific family’s palate.
I really like chilli but the rest of my family don’t. What can I do?
If the flavour you have chosen for the children is still a little too hot, add something creamy like dairy or coconut cream or some lemon juice. Once you have them sorted you can add as much chilli as you like so everyone can enjoy the beautiful meal you have just prepared.
My local retail outlet doesn’t stock all of the flavours; can I order from you?
Of course. You can purchase any of our flavours online but you will need to pay postage and allow for up to 10-14 working days for delivery.
Can I use these flavours for vegan or vegetarian recipes?
The Zest Byron Bay range of flavours is perfect for vegans and vegetarians. What we love to do is create flavours to inspire your cooking and eating times. We have some lovely vegetarian and vegan recipes on our website that you can try. If not we suggest you play with the flavours and your favourite ingredients. Remember less is more so you can always add more to taste as you cook.
What preservatives do you use?
We use salt, citric acid and white vinegar as our key preservatives.
We have a garlic allergy in our family can we use any of your flavours?
Yes the Sri Lankan Spice Paste is a beautiful flavour that has no garlic or ginger. Our Kerala Blend has no garlic, but does have plenty of ginger.
Why does it split in the satchel?
Because we don’t use emulsifiers, some of our flavours may separate whilst sitting on the shelves. Just give it a good shake to bring it back.
What other proteins can I use beside animal?
Tofu or any type of pulse is perfect to use with Zest flavours. Simply keep cooking with the ingredients you love but just add zest to create a whole new flavour experience. Enjoy.